Gift Register

As per Section 5.89A of the Local Government Act 1995:

  • The Chief Executive Officer is to keep a register of gifts;
  • The register is to contain a record of the disclosures made under sections 87A and 5.87B;
  • The CEO must record a disclosure made under section 87A or 5.87B in the register within 10 days after the disclosure is made;
  • If a gift disclosed under section 87A or 5.87B is an excluded gift under section 5.62(1B)(a), the EO must record in the register
    • The date of the approval referred to in section 62(1B)(a)ii); and
    • The reasons for that approval; and
    • Any prescribed information;
  • The register is to be in the form that is prescribed – Form 4;
  • The CEO is to publish and up-to-date version of the register on the local government’s official website;
  • The version of the register published under subsection (5) must not, in the case of the disclosure about a gift made by an individual, include the address disclosed under section 5.87C(3)(b) and must instead include the town or suburb mentioned in the address;
  • As soon as practicable after a person ceases to be a person who is required under section 87A or 5.87B to make a disclosure, the CEO is to remove from the register all records relating to that person;
  • If records relating to a person are removed from the register under subsection (6), a copy of the records is, for a period of at least 5 years after the person ceases to be a person require under section 5.87A or 5.87B to make a disclosure –
    • To be kept by the CEO; and
    • To be made available for public

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Register of Gifts and Travel to 18 October 2019

Prior to the amendments to the Local Government Act 1995 proclaimed on the 18 October 2019, local governments were required to maintain a register of gifts and travel contributions received by the Mayor, Elected Members, Chief Executive Officer and relevant employees. This register is now redundant but is required to remain publicly available.

Register of Gifts pre 2019

Register of Gifts as at 01-08-2017

Register of Gifts as at 15-12-2023