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The State Government has declared a Public Health Emergency, Human Biosecurity Emergency and a State of Emergency for Western Australia.


We are continuing to monitor developments relating to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) daily and assessing any potential impact on Shire services and events. 
We continue to take advice on all public health matters from the State and Federal Health Departments.

Please avoid physical contact where possible by directing all enquiries to 08 9661 0500 or emailing


Stay up to date with the latest information about the spread of COVID-19.

To read the Shire of Dalwallinu Covid Safe Plan click on this link.

For additional assistance please select any of the links provided below.

What to do when you test Positive

Guide to getting a COVID-19 test at a State-run clinic - Dalwallinu Hospital is the State run clinic for Dalwallinu.

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WA Government Pandemic Plan

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National Health Plan

Covid-19 Health Alert

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