Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles that are left in streets or on public property for a period exceeding 24 hours may be considered abandoned and become subject to removal and impoundment.

The details of the vehicle and location can be reported to the Shire of Dalwallinu’s Regulation Services on 9661 0500. Please note that abandoned vehicles located on major roads are dealt with by Main Roads (13 81 38).

Rangers will attend and place a notice on the vehicle requesting the vehicle be removed within 24 hours. All attempts will be made to contact the last known registered owner of the vehicle. Should the vehicle remain, the vehicle will be towed to the impound facility at the vehicle owners expense.

All impounded vehicles are stored at the Shire’s impounding facility located in Dalwallinu. It is the responsibility of the owner to collect the vehicle by paying the prescribed fees and charges and providing proof of ownership in order to claim the vehicle.

The towing fee and impound fee must be paid prior to the vehicle’s release. Impound fees start at $180.00 (this includes recovery of towing costs), $55 administration fee, plus $10.00 for each day or part of a day impounded.

All impounded vehicles will be stored at the impound facility for a period of 14 days. After this time the vehicle may be sold by public tender or disposed of by other means.

Vehicles Currently Impounded

Vehicle ID: Date Impounded: Removed From:
No vehicles currently impounded