Dog Brochure 2023/2024

Under The Dog Act 1976 and regulations, any dog over the age of 3 months should be registered within the Shire.

You need to complete a Dog Registration Form and return to the shire with the amount set out in the table below and you will be issued with a receipt and a tag for your dog.

Dog Registrations

Dog Registrations become due on 1st November each year. A Registration Renewal will be posted to the owner prior to this date approximately 6 weeks before hand.

The owner can opt to renew the registration for 1 year, 3 years or lifetime.

Lifetime Registration

A Lifetime Registration has been brought into effect, This is valid for the lifetime of the dog with refunds not applicable.

This means that even should the dog die after a Lifetime Registration is issued, a refund will not apply.

Please Note: Lifetime Registration only applies state wide with the state of WA.

Lifetime registration is not applicable to Dangerous Dog Breeds.


From 1 November 2015 all dogs need to be microchipped. Proof of microchipping is required at time of registration.

Below are the current fees for registering a dog in the Shire of Dalwallinu.

Dog Registration Fees

Sterilised Unsterilised
Full Price 1 Year $20.00 $50.00
Full Price 3 Years $42.50 $120.00
Lifetime $100.00 $250.00
Working Dog 1 Year $5.00 $12.50
Working Dog 3 Years $10.65 $30.00
Working Dog Lifetime $25.00 $62.50
Pensioners Dog 1 Year (50% discount) $10.00 $25.00
Pensioners Dog 3 Years (50% discount) $21.25 $60.00
Pensioners Dog Lifetime (50% discount)         $50.00 $125.00

After 31st May (1 Year only) Half of normal price is payable

It is an offence to keep an unregistered dog over the age of three months

Dog Complaints

The Shire takes all dog complaints seriously and will address each one. We have a Ranger that comes to the Shire to deal with serious matters if dogs need to be removed from it’s owner.

If you have a complaint about a dog, please complete the Dog Complaint Form and return to the shire in person or by post. Please ensure all areas have been completed and with as much detail as possible. We cannot accept faxes.

Dog Impoundments

Dog owners have an obligation to keep their dogs under control at all times. Dogs wandering at large present a nuisance and a danger to the public. If a dog is caught wandering the streets, it is automatically impounded at the Shire Depot.

For the shire to release a dog (if registered), will start from $60 per day. If the dog is not collected within 48 hours of it’s impounding, the dog will be destroyed. This will cost $65.00.

If the dog is not registered, before the dog can be released from the pound, the owner will need to have the dog registered based on the fees above. Once this has been paid the owner then pays the relevant amount for the release of the dog.

Dog Infringements

Owners can be fined for various dog offences as set out in The Dog Act 1976 and regulations. Some offences for example are having an unregistered dog over 6 months of age, attacking animals, attacking people etc. Offence amounts range from $100 to $10,000.

Infringement Information