Business Investment Program

Early 2010 the Dalwallinu Council passed a program that is purely aimed at attracting new businesses into the area. The Business Investment Program aims to attract new businesses which are in high demand into the area. The businesses accepted onto this program will find themselves assisted by Council through the first four (4) years of their set up allowing them to grow and develop over that period. Criteria for acceptance;


To be eligible for the Business Investment Program businesses must

  • Not be able to use participation in program to influence competition in marketplace, and
  • Offer service that are in demand.

If the applying business does not meet any of the above criteria, they will immediately be excluded from the program. The business investment program has the following aims;

  • To attract business into town;
  • To support businesses through the crucial time in their development; and
  • To set up support network for local businesses.

This program will follow a simple 4 step process in assessment for business eligibility within the program;

Initial Discussions

A confidential initial meeting can be held with the Community Development Officer regarding the business objectives and the formation of the application to council.

Formal Application

After initial discussions the business representative must submit a formal written application to the Shire of Dalwallinu including a variety of areas.

Final Assessment

The application must then be submitted to Council for acceptance into the Business Investment Program. The application will also include all financial costs to Council and what is involved in the set up of that particular business.

Performance Appraisal

Once an application is approved through Council specific conditions will be outlined and agreed upon between Council and the business owner. These conditions will form the basis for the performance appraisal. If, at any time, the business owner does not adhere to the conditions of the program then the assistance will be revoked and the business must repay all previous assistance granted.

For more information or to book an appointment contact the Community Development Officer at