Indigenous Heritage

First known inhabitants of the land, which now comprises the Dalwallinu Shire, were sparse and nomadic groups of Indigenous whose movements were controlled by the known supplies of water.

Shepherds and Pioneers

The first graziers in the district were Benedictine monks from New Norcia, who with their ‘ticket of leave’ men shepherded sheep through the area to Mt Gibson, in the second half of the nineteenth century. The first Europeans explored the Dalwallinu area around 1907 with the ambition to develop the area into a wheat and sheep growing region. The first settlers arrived in 1909 and the first crops were planted in 1910.

These pioneers demonstrated tremendous strength and diligence, enduring extremely basic living standards while they developed the land. Pithara, Wubin and Buntine were established at the same time and Kalannie in the 1920’s.

Pioneer Wall