Online Form - Registration for E-Rates

Things to be aware of before applying:

  • If you are not the Owner or Agent for the Property, you are not eligible to register.
  • There can only be ONE email address for each notice.
  • If there is more than one owner of the property and other owner/s apply to receive an electronic notice, the eRates system will by default send the notice to the last registered email address.
  • Once the registration is processed by the rates officer, you will receive a confirmation email.

Benefits of eRates

  • Quicker way to receive your annual rates notices (final notices and instalments are not available via eRates)
  • Ease while travelling for a long time, on holiday or living overseas.
  • You still get your notice if you have moved and forgot to update your postal address.

Enter your details below to register for E-Rates.

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Terms & Conditions*

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By proceeding with this request for E-Rates Registration I understand that I am confirming that I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to abide with them.

  1. I agree to receive my rate notice by email and understand that a paper document will not be sent (except in the case where a property has interim rates raised, a paper notice will be issued).
  2. I confirm I am the registered owner or the agent appointed by the owner of the property being registered. 
  3. All future rate notices will be in the form of a PDF attachment to an email sent to the email address nominated on the registration form. 
  4. I understand that if I own more than one property I will need to register separately for each property. (Separate email notifications will be issued matching the number of registrations received)
  5. I understand the onus is on me to advise any other person to whom paper rate notices are currently being sent, that they will no longer receive paper rate notices as a result of this request.  
  6. Registrations received within 30 days of the issue date of any rate notice will take effect from the following rate period.
  7. I understand that regular checks of my nominated email address for rate notices should be undertaken.
  8. I agree that rate notices are deemed served when it reaches the nominated internet service provider, whether or not I have opened or read the email. 
  9. An ‘out of office’ notification will not be considered an undeliverable rate notice. 
  10. I agree that I must retain the rate notice information myself electronically or by printing it.
  11. If I change my contact details, I agree that I am required to notify the Shire of Dalwallinu. Change of details need to be made in writing, a Change of Address form can we found on the website. This should be returned to the Shire of Dalwallinu via
  12. Should the Shire of Dalwallinu receive an electronic ‘delivery failure’ notification from the designated email address the request for email delivery will be cancelled and a paper document will be posted to the last advised postal address.
  13. I may withdraw this request for email delivery of the rate notice at any time. To unsubscribe I understand I must email the cancellation request to