Current Rate Charges

In the 2018/19 year, rates were calculated as follows.

Property Rate In The Dollar

Gross Rental Value

(GRV Land normally within the townsite boundary)

8.8391 cents in the dollar

Unimproved Value

(UV land outside the townsite boundary)

1.9897 cents in the dollar

Minimum Charges

Dalwallinu Townsite $600.00
Other Townsites $600.00 with a discount of $100.00
Unimproved Value $600.00
Mining Tenements $600.00

Rubbish And Recycling Charges Per Bin

Once weekly pick up $210.00 per annum
Twice weekly pick up $410.00 per annum
Recycling $130.00 per annum
3m³ Recycling skips $2,322.00 per annum