Local Laws 

The Local Laws for Dalwallinu Shire are listed below.

Local Government Property Local Law   (Gazetted 17 January 2000)

Activities in Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law (Gazetted 9 May 2000)

Local Government (Council Meetings) Local Law 2014 (Gazetted 10 December 2014)

Local Law Relating to Fencing (Gazetted 17 January 2000)

Parking & Parking Facilities Local Law (Gazetted 17 January 2000)

Dogs Local Law (Gazetted 10 December 2014)

Local Laws Relating to the Management and Control of Dalwallinu Cemetery (Gazetted 31 March 2000)

Health By-Laws 1996 (Gazetted 4 October 1996)