Wubin Rocks

These rock areas provide spectacular views of the farming land and are perfect picnic sites. Another attractive picnic area in spring, this rocky outcrop is set in reserve bushland amongst flowering shrubs and everlastings. This location is well known for its ‘snow like’ covering of predominantly white everlastings in season.


Wubin Railway Station & Wheatbin Museum

Located next to the museum the railway station is the Wubin Wheatbin Museum and Information Centre which has an extensive Mineral and Rock collection. Local craft and souvenirs are available. Open June to October, 10am-3pm daily (subject to volunteers). Built in 1939 and heritage listed, the museum tells the story of the transition from bagged wheat to present day bulk handling via a combination of pictures, intricate models and artefacts. There is some wonderful history of pioneering families from the area including the story of Gustav Liebe, who was a very progressive farmer of the early times. The Machinery Annexe includes a private
collection of vintage cars and army trucks, in addition to other machinery, tools and some household items. A complete shearing stand is also displayed in addition to interesting information on the Rabbit Proof Fence and its Supervisor. A fascinating acquisition is the original 6DL radio transmitter, with its sheer bulk in contrast to today’s technology.” Annexe No. 2 includes an emu egg incubator, CWA history and memorabilia, restored early harvester and Dalwallinu Hospital display. The whole complex is run by local volunteers who are a fabulous source of information on the area. The information centre which is housed in the old railway station not only has information on local wildflowers but also has an extensive rock and mineral collection which will delight enthusiasts.
Tel: 0427 553 622
Email: wheatbinmuseum@bigpond.com

Web: www.wheatbinmuseum.com.au

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