Dalwallinu Craft Shop (The Old Court House)

You can easily while away some time in this veritable treasure trove of local crafts, plants and homemade preserves. If you are lucky enough you may even be able to
pick up a jar of very unique quondong jam. The actual building was the original Buntine Police Station, which was moved to Dalwallinu in 1925 and then once more to where it currently stands following the completion of the new station in Dalwallinu. You can view the cell where prisoners were held, including the notorious “Snowy Rowles” whose deeds are told via pictures and newspaper cuttings on the walls. Rowles escaped the holding cell in July 1928 and went on to commit the ‘Murchison Murders’ as they became
known. A fascinating piece of Western Australian criminal history, the manner in which the bodies were disposed of was based on the plot of an unfinished novel by author Arthur Upfield who he had befriended. His exploits are detailed in the book “Murder on the Rabbit Proof Fence – the strange case of Arthur Upfield and Snowy Rowles”, written by Terry Walker. The murders were also the basis for a telemovie “3 Acts of Murder” which was initially broadcast by the ABC in 2009.