Coordinator/Library Officer:
Miss Angella Davey
Contact Number: (08) 9661 1805

The Dalwallinu Library is located at the Dalwallinu Discovery Centre on Johnston Street. The opening hours for the library are from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

The library stocks many fiction and non-fiction books; DVD’s both movies and documentaries; video’s; audio CD’s, audio cassettes; reference books; Reader’s Digest; books with large print; children’s books, computer CD’s and DVD’s.

If you would like to become a member please print off a Membership Application and personally attend the library during the hours shown above. Please ensure the membership application is completed in full. You attendance is necessary to sign your library card.

Can’t Find That Book You’re After?

If you can’t find that special book, please speak to one of our staff who can order it in for you. The library arranges for items to be loaned from other libraries throughout the state. Once we receive the book we will contact you.

Library Lending Requirements

Please find below the requirements of borrowing Books/DVD’s/Movies from the library at the Shire of Dalwallinu.

Library Lending Requirement

Adults Maximum four (4) Books
Maximum two (2) Videos/Computer Discs/Sound Recordings
Children Maximum four (4) Books
Maximum two (2) Videos/Computer Discs/Sound Recordings

Borrowing Periods And Renewal

The borrowing period for all library items is two (2) weeks.

Items can be renewed once by phone, or as many times as needed in person at the Shire Office, depending on the demand for the item from other library users.

Care Of Library Items

We ask you to please look after your library material carefully. If items are lost or damaged you will be charged for their replacement. The prices are determined by the State Library Board of Western Australia and you will receive an account for the replacement of these items. NO library items may be borrowed until the items are returned or paid in full.

Each member of the library is responsible for the articles they have borrowed, with either Parents or Guardians being responsible for the children’s loans.

Library Cards

These MUST be presented when borrowing books. In the event that a library card is either lost or damaged, a replacement one will be issued at a cost of $5.50 each.

Online Resources

If you are unable to make it into Dalwallinu Library, or we don’t have what you are looking for, you can access some resources online. These resources have been made available to people in remote areas who don’t have the luxury of a fully equipped library, making it easier for you.

All you have to do is click on the link below, choose your resource and enter the bar code from your public library membership card. And you have everything at a touch of a mouse.

Resources available:

  • Britannica Library Edition Online
  • Gale’s Health and Wellness Resource Centre
  • Ebsco’s Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
  • Business Source Elite
  • Novelist
  • Consumer Health Complete