Community Recognition

This section is dedicated to those persons in the community who have contributed to The Shire of Dalwallinu and our community.

Community Award Winners
YearCategoryName of Winner


Active Citizens Award Mr Gary Butcher
Under 25's Miss Brooke Painter
Community Group Dalwallinu Lions Club


Active Citizens Award Mr Kevin Ashby
Under 25's  Nil
Community Group Wubin Progress Society


Active Citizens Award Mrs Marilyn Brown
Under 25's Miss Bec Wilson
Community Group Nil


Active Citizens Award Mrs Sue McCreery
Under 25's Miss Adelle Harris
Community Group Dalwallinu and Districts Centenary Committee


Active Citizens Award Mrs Jillian Anderson
Under 25's Nil
Community Group Dalwallinu Junior FESA Brigade
2013  Under 25's Nil
Community Group  Dalwallinu School Centenary Committee 1912-2012 
Active Citizen's Award Mrs Beryl Southcott
2014  Under 25's Miss Dayna Christian
Community Group  Totally Locally Volunteers 
Active Citizen's Award Mrs Kathleen Mills
2015 Under 25's Nil
Community Group  Nil
Active Citizen's Award  Mrs Marlene Dutton
2016 Under 25's No nominations received.
Community Group
Active Citizen's Award 
2017 Under 25's  Nil
Community Group Nil 
Active Citizens Award Mrs Robyn Bryant