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Dally Cafe

Dally Cafe logo

43 Johnston St, Dalwallinu                         Contact: Bruce & Sue Smith                             Ph: (08) 9661 1133                                         Fax: (08) 9661 1663                                           Email: 
Facebook: Dally Cafe - Dalwallinu
Retail, Catering, Fast food, Chicken & Chips, Hamburgers, Pizzas, Quiches, Sandwiches, Sweets, Drinks, Potato Chips, Homemade Pies

Dally Whistlestop

Dally Whistestop logo

309 Park Drive, Dalwallinu                          Contact: Natalie and Jason Carleton                  Ph: (08) 9661 2441                                              Email: 
Facebook: Dally Whistelstop
Catering, Takeaway food, Burgers, Pizzas, Quiches, Sandwiches, Sweets, Civet Coffee, Drinks, fruit cakes. Pasta and salads

Jenny's Bakehouse

39 Johnston St, Dalwallinu                         Contact: Jenny Dickins                                    Ph: (08) 9661 1180                                         Email:;
Facebook: Jenny's - Dalwallinu
Baked Rolls, Bread, Cakes, Sweets daily. Sandwiches, Rolls, Toasted Rolls/Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls and Pies available. Drinks, Tea/Coffee, Milkshakes and Icecream available. Orders welcome. Catering available. Lunches made dine in or take away.

Dally Foodworks


47 Johnston St, Dalwallinu
PO Box 21, Dalwallinu
Contact: John Minty or Kylie Minty
Ph: (08) 9661 1110
Mob: 0427 512 017 or 0419 794 750 


Dally Foodworks. Large range of Deli and Grocery Lines. Frozen Foods. Fruit and Vegetables. EFTPOS facilities available in store. Open 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12pm Saturday.

Kalannie Store

Roche Street, Kalannie
PO Box 100, Kalannie
Ph: (08) 9666 2035
Fax: (08) 9666 2183

General Store, Groceries - Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Liquor – Beer, Wine and Spirits, Post Office Agency, Newsagency, Video and DVD Hire

Dally Meat Supply


41 Johnston Street, Dalwallinu
Contact: Kim Savage
Ph: (08) 9661 1050
Mob:: 0457251161
A/H: (08) 9664 1013
Fax: (08) 9664 1013


Fresh beef, lamb, pork and chicken processed daily.A wide range of frozen delights from the ocean.All small goods made fresh here in Dally. Discount bulk meat packs.Full range of hot cooked meat for yopur next party.


Wubin BP Roadhouse

Lot 1 Great Northern Highway, Wubin
Contact: Sue Schmidt
Ph: (08) 9664 1013
Mob:: 0429844287
A/H: (08) 9664 1013
Fax: (08) 9664 1013
Fuel, Restaurant, Takeaway, EFTPOS Facilities, BP Card, Autogas, Drinks, DVD’s and much more

Jumbucks Liberty Roadhouse

Great Northern Highway, Wubin
Ph: (08) 9664 1022
Fax: (08) 9664 1055
Fuel, Restaurant, Takeaway, Drinks

Pithara Tavern


1011 Pearn Road, Pithara

Contact Person: Caroline Stewart
Ph/Fax: (08) 9662 1032
Mob: 0407 089 393!/PitharaTavern

Meals, Drinks and Accommodation

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